Case Shop

What if . . .
A wireless carrier wanted to help customers stand out from the crowd with a bespoke creation of their own?

T-Mobile operates six flagship Signature Stores in high-traffic areas of Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Santa Monica. In a wireless market saturated with digital marketing tactics, these stores give customers something fresh and different — a physical space to interact, explore, and learn about T-Mobile’s brand.

T-Mobile asked EWI to help create an in-store engagement that would celebrate diversity, promote self-expression, and drive brand perception and awareness. In response, EWI designed, developed, and produced Case Shop, a first-of-its-kind experience that lets customers:
• Custom design their own cell phone cases via a custom-designed app running on an oversized smartphone touch screen.
• Print their designs onto a range of cases that work with popular devices. Printing takes just 3–5 minutes.

Keeping with the theme of diversity and individuality, Case Shop provides customers with an experience of their choosing.
• "Create your own" gives customers complete creative control. Users can select backgrounds, apply stickers, write text, apply filters, and upload their own photos.
• "Choose existing design" allows customers who may not be feeling particularly creative to choose from more than 100 different designs from popular categories (such as Pop Culture, Animals, Lifestyle, Holidays, and many others).

To encourage sharing, a “selfie button” on the Case Shop app displays customer designs on the 55 inch screen, prompting users to snap a selfie with their creation to share with others.

The Case Shop experience supports phone cases for Apple, Samsung, LG, Revvl, and OnePlus, with new cases added as new phones are released. EWI also custom fabricates jigs for new and existing phone models/sizes as needed to center and hold devices in the printer, ensuring a perfect print every time.

Case Shop has a backend Content Management System (CMS), which allows T-Mobile to upload new design images, create new design categories, and feature content. The success of Case Shop has prompted T-Mobile to host in-store design events and partner with phone case providers on special promotions.