Dealership program

What if . . .
A maturing auto brand wanted to implement a cohesive corporate architecture at all U.S. dealerships?

In recent years, Hyundai’s brand and products have become more refined and sophisticated. Hyundai set forth a goal to create a clean, cohesive dealership experience that would reflect Hyundai’s maturing brand.

The refined dealership showrooms integrate strong, modern lines with automobiles on the showroom floor. All elements work together to support the customer’s journey through the space. Importantly, fixtures can be adapted to fit size and resource limitations of various dealerships, ensuring all U.S. dealerships can provide a consistent Hyundai brand experience.

The showroom features a prominent digital touchscreen application that allows customers and sales personnel to configure different models with color and trim packages, view their selections from 360° and see model specifications. Content and support are handled through EWI’s content management platform (Harmony™). To make certain that the program elements would hold-up to the demands of the dealership environment, EWI engineered and tested many different manufacturing options and founds solutions that offered durability, exceeded design expectations and reduced costs.

EWI's team was responsible for fixture design and manufacturing, creation of all graphics and digital assets, engineering, project management, installation and ongoing support and service.