Subaru of America

Subaru Legacy Launch - Media Event

What if . . .
You could reinvigorate a long-standing event and make a positive brand impression along the way?

Subaru was looking to celebrate the launch of the new Legacy sedan by sponsoring “Home Sweet Home,” a longstanding Chicago Automobile Trade Association event.

EWI delivered a turnkey event that immersed attendees in a brand experience that awed and entertained them in a way that was uniquely Subaru. Guests were blown away by the creativity and life put back into an age-old event. As the event’s first sponsor in ten years, Subaru set a high bar for future programs.

"You did an amazing job delivering a fabulous press preview in Chicago. From the photography,through the booth, conference, press materials, executive management, and the final night party, everything came off brilliantly. We gave Legacy the debut it deserved."

- Michael McHale

  Director, Corporate Communications at Subaru of America