Pep Boys

"Road Ahead" Retail Store

What if . . .
Waiting for a car repair felt like relaxing in your favorite neighborhood coffee shop?

Pep Boys found its existing retail environment to be impeding the success of their customer acquisition strategy. EWI designed a retail environment that seamlessly catered to both the “do-it-yourself” and “do-it-for-me” customers.

EWI collaborated with the Pep Boys team to deliver a concept rooted in bold branding, rich heritage and strategic journey mapping. From new, intuitive navigation to the coffee shop feel of the service lounge, every turn of the new “Road Ahead” store works in sync to deliver a best-in-class retail experience. Company leadership is thrilled with the new look and feel. Sustained sales and IRR have exceeded expectations resulting in the concept being adopted for all new and remodel stores.

"EWI’s understanding of our desired market position and our consumer, along with their collaborative nature, made the process extremely engaging. The results from our customer traffic and increased sales were the real pay-off."

- Tom Carey

  Pep Boys Chief Customer Officer