Nitro launch

What if . . .
An international footwear and apparel company wanted to build excitement about its new running technology?

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA innovations help athletes perform at their peak. In early 2021, the brand relaunched its line of core running shoes with its new lineup of NITRO shoes. These products provide a superior combination of responsiveness, cushioning and lightweight, packaged in four new silhouettes — the Deviate, Velocity, Liberate and Eternity. Naturally, PUMA wanted to highlight their return to core running to customers.

PUMA asked EWI to create an engaging store-wide retail experience to generate excitement for the NITRO lineup. We created a multifaceted buildout in PUMA’s flagship NYC store to introduce customers to the new technology using both physical and digital experiences.

Landing Zone and Run Challenge
We created a multi-dimensional NITRO landing zone near the store’s entrance to draw customers into the space. The zone featured large LED panels with animated arrows and text and an interactive RUN PUMA video game. The running game allowed customers to compete by running in place as fast as possible for 60 seconds. A large display counted steps and showcased NITRO technology while audio prompts offered words of encouragement to players. (“Let’s go!” “Finish Strong!”)

The digital engagement included a leaderboard and PUMA graphics and provided customers with opportunities for social sharing — which dovetailed with a global RUN PUMA social media campaign. The rear side of Landing Zone introduced customers to the different NITRO shoes and encouraged further interaction.

Running Zone
To round out the customer experience, we created a Running Zone where customers could take a deep dive into all of the benefits that NITRO technology offers. The Zone features a wall that highlights PUMA’s four different NITRO silhouettes. An integrated sliding digital monitor allowed customers to easily more about each of the products — as the screen was moved between different products, it queued up video content to explain the key features key features and explain what makes each shoe unique.

The Zone was rounded out with dual treadmills, which allowed store employees to provide free gait analysis to customers and make recommendations about the ideal NITRO product for their particular running style. Custom orange colored benches gave customers a comfortable place to try on shoes.

EWI handled every part of the NITRO in-store experience, from design to execution. We worked closely with Puma’s team to make sure that all parts of the experience (from fixtures to video game UI) worked well and integrated seamlessly with their retail space.