Park West Gallery

Art Explorer

What if . . .
an art dealer wanted to drive business by meeting their audience in unexpected, engaging ways?

Park West Gallery is one of the largest fine art dealers in the world. They operate art exhibitions and auctions in a variety of traditional galleries and other less expected “art” spaces. Park West Garllery tasked EWI with completely reimagining how they could interact with their clientele — in this case, vacationers aboard luxury cruise ships around the world.

In order to engage this audience, Park West Gallery needed to do much more than simply display art. They needed to create an experience that would draw the user into the world of art — a place where users could lose themselves in exploration, discovery, and even creation.

Our digital team worked to deliver an experience that is at once engaging, informative and extremely intuitive. With the Art Explorer, customers can easily browse Park West Gallery’s entire catalog, learn more about individual pieces or artists, or even create their own original art pieces, via a hybrid gesture/touch-based interface. And, most importantly, the Art Explorer fits right into a vacation — the experience is fun, easy and carefree.

Our team delivered a winning interactive strategy and user experience — backed up by top-notch digital production and flawless installation. Park West Gallery liked the experience so much that they currently have nine interactive walls installed on cruise ships around the world.