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General Motors

World Headquarters

What if . . .
A global brand elevated its headquarters into a world-class icon of storytelling and technology?

General Motors (GM) has its headquarters in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. It’s already an iconic building, but GM envisioned creating a welcoming, vibrant public space that reflects the company’s path to the future. To make that vision a reality, GM worked with EWI as the strategic and creative lead, in partnership with architecture firm Neumann/Smith.

Together, we created a world-class environment to immerse visitors in the brand’s cultural significance, instill pride in employees, and create a “wow” factor for the business leaders and others who visit. We transformed the 40,000 square-foot space into an awe-inspiring, high-tech environment.

The Renaissance Center Core used to be a potted-plant and concrete-heavy brutalist design. As a result of this five-year project, it’s now a sleek, open, and inviting public space alive with the latest technology. Storytelling features include the 97-foot turntable centerpiece which showcases GM vehicles against a backdrop of seasonal content, as well as a social media aggregator for of-the-moment conversations about GM. We also worked with a team of partners to fill the space with daily, unique content deftly curated by an AI-driven engine, programmed on 17 massive LED surfaces, reaching five stories tall. In addition to overseeing the installation of these high-tech marvels, we were responsible for the human-scale comforts of the space. We designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed custom seating areas, gathering spaces, information desks, worktables, and more.

Our primary focus was the center core of the GM Renaissance Center, however we also contributed additional design, fabrication and installation of the GM company store in the GM Wintergarden and helped to extend the story of the Chevy Trucks Centennial in the Jefferson Lobby. One of EWI’s largest projects to-date, we were deeply proud to be part of this new icon for Detroit and for the world.