Subaru of America

Interactive Award Showcase

What if . . .
You could showcase Subaru as one of the most awarded brands in the industry and connect with the public how and why the awards were won?

With Subaru’s vast collection of awards, EWI built, designed and fabricated an award case that housed up to 30 of Subaru’s physical awards as well as an interactive digital mirror experience.

The experience expresses Subaru’s appreciation to the owners while sharing each vehicles’ awards and what they mean to the consumer. Throughout the experience are the iconic Subaru dog family, the Barkley’s. It begins with a cheeky attract loop asking users to COME, SIT, STAY. As users approach the mirror a message would appear ‘These Awards reflect our dedication to excellence – and to you!’ Once the experience has begins, users are able to scroll through every vehicle in the Subaru line up and see exactly what awards have been won and why.

Many brands have award cases at the auto shows but only one takes the time to engage with the audience to give a simple but comprehensive explanation of what the awards mean to them.