Stinger Race Simulator

What if . . .
a car company wanted to highlight the performance of a flagship sportscar by letting customers take it for a lap around one of the most harrowing racetracks in history?

The Stinger sports sedan is important to Kia’s brand. The car’s good looks, sporty fastback, and nimble handling have put Kia in the same conversation as many legacy luxury sportscar brands — bringing a halo effect to the rest of Kia’s lineup.

Kia approached EWI to create a realistic simulator that would boost brand perception by letting customers experience the Stinger’s charm for themselves.

Just like the Stinger, the project’s timeline was incredibly quick. We worked closely with Sigma Integral to design, engineer and build a pair of full-motion Stinger simulators in just three months. The simulators feature custom aluminum chassis, genuine Stinger steering wheels, gauges and seats, triple OLED screens and rumble packs, and six inches of actuated of motion.

The two simulators let customers take the Stinger for a spin around the Nürburgring — a famous track in Germany where sports cars prove their mettle. The simulators debuted at the LA Auto Show, where more than a thousand showgoers waited in line to experience the Stinger for themselves. On average, one lap provided users with approximately three minutes of heart-pounding engagement.

"By adding real elements from the vehicle, wrapping the user in a surround display and having full motion and rumble effects, we were able to transport the guest into a close-to-real-life experience of racing the Kia Stinger. We had a blast working with the Kia team to bring this idea to life."

- Krystle Minette

  EWI Director of Digital Production