Kia Motors America

New York International Auto Show Exhibit

What if . . .
In 8 weeks we could conceptualize, design, estimate, engineer and fabricate a brand new Kia build in a completely unique and usually avoided space at NYIAS and make it the envy of all other vehicle brands?

With its long, rectangular shape, two easements, and 14’ max-height ceiling — which was cluttered with everything from fire sprinklers to rigging points to recessed lighting — this space required an incredible amount of trust and communication between EWI and Kia to make it happen. By steepening the angle currently used in the existing designs for all of the walls and structures we were able to create a more sophisticated and edgy aura with the architecture. We conveyed a refined, upscale presence with gorgeous hard-paneled floors featuring sweeping angled inlays, bright white ribbons enveloping the low ceiling space, and massive amounts of crystal-clear LED tiles that partnered with a monstrous, low-res LED wall blanketing the opposite end of the booth.

Using a soft knit fabric with a silicone bead edge EWI was able to create a perimeter structure without wrinkles. This was a vitally important to ensure the Kia booth looked like the structure was constructed with painted Drywall. The framing for the booth was highly engineered to create the illusion of a smooth surface once the soft knit was stretched over the sections. The frames were constructed with aluminum and bolted together easily to create the large structures—and all 100% recyclable.