Great Park Neighborhoods

Pavilion Park Welcome Center

What if . . .
A welcome center could be the space where people discover the feeling of coming home?

The Great Park lifestyle is all about well-being, family, and sustainability. EWI designed and built the space that introduced this lifestyle to future homeowners.

Using reclaimed materials, reflecting the communities eco-sensible lifestyle in a comfortable way, families experienced the neighborhood; through custom-designed and built interactives. The seamless customer journey was fun for parents and kids alike to imagine their future in the neighborhood.

The experience was a huge hit, beating sales goals opening weekend and going on to help Great Parks sell out 6 months ahead of schedule.

"We needed to create space for guests to take a breath and close their eyes, so they could envision their future and build an emotional connection to Great Park Neighborhoods."

- Eric Devericks

  Director of Strategy at EWI