Great Park Neighborhoods

Cadence Park Welcome Center

What if . . .
We could help prospective home buyers vividly imagine their life in a new home at Great Park Neighborhoods—before even seeing the house itself?

Cadence Park was the newest addition to the Great Park Neighborhoods, a family- and lifestyle-focused community in Orange County, California. Cadence Park was so new, in fact, that model homes weren’t even available yet to view. So EWI created an intriguing customer experience that drew visitors in to explore the community, and imagine their lives, and future through vivid, digital experiences.

EWI created an upscale, technology driven, culturally-focused Welcome Center that was truly welcoming. Visitors explored home options through digital recommenders, which helped narrow down more than 40 choices of model home to visit. Large, digital screens in vertical fixtures rotated 360 degrees—like “windows,” these screens displayed tantalizing videos of local amenities, showing visitors a different park, school, beach, airport, or other feature with each turn of the screen. Nearby, 85-inch-tall 4K screens gave people a feel for their life in Cadence Park, including candid photos, upcoming events, and current surf and ski reports.

While these two digital features let visitors dream, an oversized map let them see the big picture. Created on an augmented reality table, the map is interactive via iPad, with 3D images and explanations of each amenity. To keep kids occupied (while their parents played with these toys), we created a digital games area, too.

From the earliest, big-picture strategy sessions to the design, digital development, engineering, and manufacturing of fixtures, we offered our clients seamless integration, ensuring both the process went smoothly and the result was compelling and engaging for visitors.

More than 2,000 guests attended the grand opening, marking the fourth successful Welcome Center that EWI has produced for Great Park Neighborhoods in four years.