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Great Park Neighborhoods

Beacon Park Welcome Center

What if . . .
We could bolster home sales by creating a fun and approachable way to learn about a community?

Beacon Park in the Great Park Neighborhoods is all about connecting parks, well-being, family, and community. EWI created an experience to introduce the lifestyle, facilitate conversations, and educate customers.

With 45 model homes to look at, Great Parks can be a bit overwhelming. EWI designed an experience to help guests learn about the community and narrow their search to quickly find their dream home. Guests explore the community through a hand-illustrated map, a compass enabled “window to the world,” and are given the ability to save their favorite homes through an RFID keychain.
Families spent less time wandering and more time enjoying the neighborhood together. The seamless customer journey was fun for parents and kids alike to imagine their future in the neighborhood.

Opening weekend was a hit with more than 12,000 guests learning about the homes and community.

"When people come in, they are amazed! We think the digital interactives and technology we are deploying at Beacon Park is the right answer in communicating to future customers."

- Steve Wolpin

  Community Director at FivePoint Communities