The Claw

What if . . .
A wireless carrier wanted to create an engaging brand experience that put customers in control?

T-Mobile operates six flagship Signature Stores in high-traffic areas of Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Santa Monica. In a wireless market saturated with digital marketing tactics, these stores give customers something fresh and different — a physical space to interact, explore, and learn about T-Mobile’s brand.

T-Mobile asked EWI to help create an experience that would drive traffic into stores, engage customers, and encourage sharing. The experience needed to fit seamlessly into existing Signature Store designs, stay true to T-Mobile’s brand tenets and be easily portable and transferable between locations.

The Claw is an oversized “arcade” claw machine originally unveiled in T-Mobile storefront windows in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. Customers control a giant metal claw using an oversized magenta joystick — trying to grab prizes ranging from T-Mobile swag to new phones and devices. In addition to the Claw’s engaging game-play, the experience uses a digital interface to administer a short quiz T-Mobile and capture lead gen information from users. The Claw also features a dynamic backend Content Management System, which allows T-Mobile to manage prizes and redemption digitally.

EWI handled all parts of the Claw’s creation, from ideation, design and development to engineering, manufacturing and logistics. We had just XX months to conceive and deliver the Claw, and we were able to deliver on time and under budget.

The Claw has been a massive success, leading to thousands of shareable moments, increasing foot traffic and dwell time at Signature Stores and boosting overall brand perception. The Claw’s success has prompted T-Mobile to partner with several major phone manufacturers to drive attention to new products with special Claw-based events.