iPhone 13 launch

What if . . .
a leading wireless carrier wanted to boldly announce the arrival of some of the year’s hottest new technology?

Each year, the release of Apple’s iPhone lineup generates excitement among consumers. This year was no different, and T-Mobile sought to leverage Apple’s latest products, the iPhone 13 and Apple TV+, to draw new and existing customers into T-Mobile Signature and Experience Stores across the country.

Device launches are notorious for tight deadlines and quick turnarounds, so the project was full of potential difficulty from the start. Drawing on trust built over our long partnership, T-Mobile turned to EWI to provide turnkey service for these in-store activations.

T-Mobile's Apple buildout contained three unique kinds of activations.

The 5G Introducer
This year’s iPhone 13 was especially important to T-Mobile, as it supports the carrier’s new 5G wireless network. To announce the arrival of the iPhone 13 and 5G technology, we created a larger-than-life illuminated lightbox display featuring magenta power lines (a reference to recent T-Mobile 5G marketing assets). The display is prominently featured in key store windows and landing zones across the country — from Times Square to San Francisco. For longevity, lightbox graphics can be easily swapped out to feature future 5G products as they come into stores.

Apple TV+ Display
T-Mobile is offering customers a one-year subscription to Apple TV+ with select T-Mobile plans. To promote the offer, we designed an illuminated, double-sided graphic lightbox flanked by an assortment of graphics featuring TV shows available on the Apple TV+ platform suspended at varying heights. The display was placed on a table with various iPhone 13 devices for customers to demo and surrounded by digital screens running Apple iPhone 13 and Apple TV+ videos.

City Icon 5G Displays
T-Mobile asked EWI to build special 5G table-top displays that featured iconic local landmarks for specific cities. To signify that T-Mobile’s 5G Network was available in those cities, they wanted us to incorporate an illuminated 5G sign within those icons. We created iconic displays for San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Santa Monica. For the San Francisco display, we designed, engineered and built a small replica of the golden gate bridge that featured illuminated dimensional signage.

T-Mobile complemented these activations with several large digital screens that continuously played iPhone 13 and Apple TV+ videos.

EWI was honored to have T-Mobile entrusted us with the iPhone 13 launch and Apple TV+ campaign. Under tight deadlines, we designed, engineered, built and delivered a multi-layered fixture program in just one month. We also provided T-Mobile with all program management to ensure the program rolled out seamlessly.