Gift ON Holiday campaign

What if . . .
A wireless carrier wanted to celebrate an unprecedented holiday season by showing how tech can help bring us together?

This 2020 holiday was very different from years past. When friends and families can’t meet in person to celebrate the holidays, the act of giving gifts to loved ones takes on heightened importance. T-Mobile’s Gift ON Holiday campaign served as a reminder that tech can bring us together, even when circumstances keep us apart.

T-Mobile asked EWI to help create a layered Gift ON campaign that featured multiple in-store touchpoints anchored by a recurring, familiar holiday motif: a sparkling snow globe. We worked closely with T-Mobile to develop a multifaceted Gift ON Holiday retail experience pairing this motif with technology at every turn.

Gift ON Motion Lightbox Display
Large 8ft x 8ft Gift ON displays were placed in storefront windows to generate interest from customers outside and inside the store. The round displays featured double-sided graphics with programmable LEDs that generated motion, visual depth, shifting colors and the simulation of swirling snow. Storefront windows also featured 14 giant product props stacked on lightbox bases. These props were custom-fabricated out of wood and metal and painted the same sparkling pearlescent white used around the perimeter of the lightboxes.

Backlit Gift ON Tabletop Displays
Smaller versions of the spherical form factor were placed on device tables throughout the stores to carry the Gift ON theme into retail space. These were backlit, with some featuring custom-made product props such as headphones attached to them. The product props were finished in the same pearlescent white as the props in larger storefront displays.

Wall Display Props
Smaller stylized product props — such as watches, tablets, video game controllers — were placed on decorative wall shelves to further reinforce the Gift ON theme. These stylized product props were also painted to match products in the storefront window display and on tabletops throughout the stores.

Finishing this project in time for the holidays demanded an extremely tight timeline. From design to finished in-store display, EWI completed this campaign in just 40 days, which included installing buildouts in New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Santa Monica. EWI built the displays and props in our North Carolina facilities and were able to deliver all the components on time for T-Mobile’s Gift ON Holiday launch.

T-Mobile was extremely pleased with the finished results, getting rave reviews from customers, store employees, and T-Mobile’s Executive Leadership team. The Gift ON Displays helped infuse T-Mobile’s Signature Stores with a bit of optimism in the face of an unusual Holiday season, helping drive sales for service plans, devices, and accessories.