American Dream Mall Retail Space

What if . . .
an outdoor apparel brand wanted to create a retail space as innovative and technical as its products?

Sunice produces high-quality performance ski and golf apparel for men and women. Driven by a passion for cutting-edge technology and design, the brand has outfitted world-class athletes — from teams in the Winter Olympics to many of the world’s greatest golfers — for more than 40 years. Sunice sought to create a retail space as purposeful and technical as their outerwear — where fixtures blend into the background and highlight the beautiful functionality of Sunice’s products.

EWI worked with Sunice and award-winning architectural firm Aedifica to turn Sunice’s retail concept into reality. Without bulky base support or overpowering uprights and cross members, all fixtures inside the Sunice store appear to float, while integrated electronics and lighting help make the space feel clean and streamlined.

EWI created all fixtures inside of the Sunice retail space — from racks to dressing rooms to wall hangings. Execution of the fixtures required a joint effort from our team of engineers, fabricators and logistics experts — as the functional requirements of technical outwear required careful engineering and production. Spot-on fabrication and execution led to a fast, easy buildout of the store. And, in addition to a high-quality finished product, EWI’s services cost 35% less than competitors who bid on the same work.