North American Auto Show Exhibit

What if . . .
You could reignite a brand in a way that fosters an emotional connection to a product through a transformational process unlike no other?

With a solid strategic foundation set in place, EWI interpreted and embodied the idea of transformation to its full potential.

Using Mitsubishi’s global kit as a starting point, EWI examined the Mitsubishi signature ramp element – the one piece of architectural form that defined a focal interest within the space. We then applied our own transformational process through dynamic folds and facets to create a more energetic aesthetic that captured the true essence of where the brand was heading.

The faceted ‘wing wall’ signature element would ultimately become Mitsubishi’s architectural brand statement. Functionally, it provided a great stage for press, it serves as a “bug light” to attract attendees from afar and proudly showcases one of Mitsubishi’s shining stars on a beautiful turn table in front.

Using signature architectural brand statement, EWI was able to create engineering, I&D, and trooping efficiencies by using the same elements that could easily stand on its own at smaller shows or major shows. Visitors would emotionally connect to the brand leaving with a sense of Mitsubishi’s forward-thinking, ambition, and a passion to ‘find your own lane.’

"Creating new show properties is a daunting task made even more so when under working under imposed time constraints. Partnering with EWI Worldwide and their team of professionals ensured that we not only got the job done on time and in budget, but also that the finished project exceeded everyone’s expectations."

- Alex Fedorak

  Manager, Public Relations, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.