Kia Motors America

Hamstars Digital Engagement

What if…
You could make a brand environment so fun that people wanted to stay all afternoon?

Kia Motors, often recognized as a cutting-edge and youth-oriented brand, asked EWI Worldwide to bring its brand to life on a crowded trade show floor.

EWI created five experiences for the show, including the smash-hit “Close Encounters of the Kia Kind,” a virtual reality party that let guests dance with the “Hamstars” featured in the popular Kia commercials. EWI also designed an integrated iPad app to offer guests their emailed video. The Kia booth was a huge attraction and the dance floor was constantly packed. An incredible 56 percent of people who received a video of themselves dancing signed up for future communications from Kia.

"The idea for the dancing activation came from Kia customers themselves. We wanted to create an experience that would speak directly to them, their sense of fun. Dancing with the ‘Hamstars’ was natural."

- Lisa Hood

  Vice President, Global Client Services at EWI