Kia Motors America

A Different Beat

What if . . .
We turned a small seating area into a pocket of fun that utilized the universal language of music to bring people together?

This circular bench engagement is outfitted with eight interactive seats and a colorful, animated LED floor. Each seat triggers a unique melody from Kia’s ‘#ShareSomeSoul’ TV commercial and is accompanied by color-coded graphics that play on the floor in front of them. As each guest sits down, both the audio and visuals build till it launches into a party mode; featuring a full version of the track, psychedelic animation and flashing LED lights worthy of a nightclub. This exciting piece inspired creativity, smiles and most importantly brand affinity from attendees of all ages.

"It was really brilliant that EWI came with this great concept, taking the [KIA Soul Commercial] to the next level. It was about bringing it to the show floor and allowing our guests to really understand how fun and exciting and vibrant this brand really is."

- Sylvia Lopez-Navarro

  National Manager of Partnerships and Experiential Marketing - KIA Motors America