Kia Motors America

Los Angeles Auto Show 2016

What if . . .
We continued on the success of Kia’s previous auto show exhibit by going one step further and orchestrating an immersive experience that truly blends flawless design, impeccable craftsmanship and engagements that touch the heart of Kia consumers?

With a 14+ year partnership, EWI has helped propel Kia to the forefront of the auto industry by helping to communicate their excellent vehicle designs and intuitive technology. The advent of a new display build meant EWI had an exciting opportunity to take Kia to the next echelon by harmonizing Kia’s brand promise with their on the ground floor presence at auto shows across America.

EWI first meticulously analyzed Kia’s American and international auto show presence to find commonality and consistency for a united global effort. Then, we examined our innate knowledge of Kia’s objectives and goals while also conducting consumer focus groups at auto shows to find out what customers want when they are exploring new vehicles. Then we did numerous design ideations looking for the right balance of form and function to ensure a successful display that can last Kia for years to come.

The end product for Kia touted the first ever three turntable stage with a stunning 75’ wide x 20’ tall 3 millimeter LED screen. The floor was equipped with a fleet of sleek digital wheel stands with live scanning technology as well as ‘A Different Beat’ interactive music bench (see A Different Beat case study video). The back of house consisted of two upper level executive meeting rooms with ‘lookout’ views as well as two additional meeting rooms that accommodated both press and public logistics perfectly.

This resulted in a ground breaking beautiful display that supports their industry leading vehicle quality, design and year-over-year sales growth. Congrats to Kia!

"EWI was able to deliver a beautiful, simple design with clean lines that truly allows the sculptural lines of Kia’s vehicles to really shine through. We were very excited to debut the new Kits and they have all been very well received. One of the key components and beauty of all nine kits was to accurately yet subtly weave the “Tiger Nose Grille” throughout all displays as it pays homage to the Tiger Nose Grille found on each Kia vehicle."

- Valerie McMahon

  Auto Shows & Merchandising Manager, Kia Motors America, Inc.