Shuang Experience Center at the Beijing Olympics

What if . . .
You could tell an immersive story with the whole world watching?

In Beijing, Coca-Cola was celebrating 80 years as a sponsor of the Olympic Games. EWI needed to produce an experience where guests could engage in history, culture, and the Olympic spirit.

EWI led a team of multiple global partners to complete a 45,000 square foot pavilion, numerous experiences and interactives in less than 60 days. Our work was showcased among the best of the 2008 Olympic Pavilions in exhibit and event publications, including Event Design Magazine and Event Marketer Magazine.

"My favorite part was the ‘Perfect Serve’ zone: we designed the ice-themed area, an ice bar and an ice floor, and every visitor walked away with an ice-cold Coke."

- Allison Partain-Miller

  Account Director at EWI