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Pop-Up Kiosk Program

What if . . .
A traditional digital retailer opened their doors for the first time in major malls across the USA?

EWI worked with Amazon Retail to develop and launch their first-ever pop-up kiosk in premium malls throughout the United States. We assisted in the development of the design and completed engineering, manufacturing, permitting, installation, program management, and maintenance.

The all-new design included product zones that highlight different products that allow for consumers to experience them first-hand. Included in the pop-up kiosk were all fixtures, including the installation of a ceramic tile floor, exterior backlit graphics, monitors, POS terminals, product glorifiers, furniture/seating, wireless networks and related network equipment to make for a turn-key experience.

EWI installation managed all the electrical and data pre-work including trenching of power, approvals of electrical/fire/final inspections, installation of all fixtures, setup of all internet providers, computer hardware and configuration of multiple WI-FI networks and assistance in the set-up of all electronic products. All fixtures are UL certified. EWI has successfully worked with engineering and production to reduce the production costs by over 50%.