Audi of America

Audi Sport Digital Experience

What if . . .
People could recapture the nostalgia of the aspirational sports car posters from their youth?

Visitors dive into this intuitive interface to design their very own Audi Sport poster. This experience is meant to rekindle the memories of the automotive posters that once adorned the bedroom walls of their youth. Guests choose their dream vehicle, find the perfect color and select from extensive background options. Visitors then add personal touches by embellishing with dazzling paint brushes, vehicle-specific stats and transformative artistic filters. Over 1,000 guests shared their creation as a digital wallpaper for both desktop and mobile as a reminder of their passion and how their childhood dream can now become their reality.

"EWI tapped into the raw emotion customers have when they experience Audi Sport and channeled it into a visceral, memorable and creative interactive experience. This was the perfect way to introduce Audi Sport to newcomers and empower the initiated."

- Danielle Vontobel

  Sr. Specialist, Experiential Marketing Audi of America, Inc.